Beyond the Stars de Pelly - Special Edition Guayabera



CLOSEOUT - This is a very Special Edition Shirt made in collaboration with Pelly El Pintor from the countryside town of San Cristobal. A self-taught painter and humble campesino, Pelly has made a notable impact on the modern arts coming from Cuba. The story behind the artwork is simple, beautiful, and eternal..."She asks for the Stars and she had them. She then wanted the Moon and so he climbed past the clouds again and made sure she had the Moon." A romantic and poetic piece remixed into an iconic shirt. This short sleeve Y.A.Bera guayabera shirt is handmade in our softest linen blend. The linen blend fabric feels smooth to the touch and very lightweight. This shirt provides the casual look of a guayabera blended with modern color combinations and original artwork to make a very versatile shirt. It is a White linen blend short sleeve shirt with multicolored embroidery. There are four large pockets that can easily fit any phone, wallet, or keys. 

• White
• Lux Linen Blend
• 50% Linen 50% Cotton
• Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric
• Short Sleeve
• Banded Collar 
• Four Pockets
• Multicolored Pelly El Pintor Original Artwork Embroidered

Different Styles → Same Iconic Shirt → Y.A.Bera Clothing

Our Y.A.Bera shirts are each handmade in order to create an amazing piece of clothing every time. All of our shirts are Limited Edition and are not restocked frequently. Each shirt is made with pride, decades of craftsmanship, and hand chosen fabrics. These are authentic guayabera shirts made for the modern man.

Say Hola to our Lux Linen Fabric

We get it all the time, "I'm looking for 100% Linen"...then they touch our Lux Linen fabric and realize they've been looking for the wrong thing. We understand 100% Linen is "luxurious" and meant for warm weather, but that doesn't take away from the fact that it's always wrinkled and hard to care for.

So we set out to find the perfect balance of weight, drape, and convenience. We call it our Lux Linen and it's one of the most beautiful fabrics we've ever seen. It's wrinkle resistant, easy to care for, drapes perfectly to any body type, and looks better than 100% Linen. 

Along with our Modern Features, Iconic Details, and Authentic Craftsmanship...our Lux Linen Fabric sets us apart from every other shirt maker on the market. See for yourself what it means to Be Iconic, Where Tradition meets Class.


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