The Different Styles of Guayaberas

There are many different styles of guayaberas, and the design of the shirt can vary depending on the region where it is made. Some of the most common styles of guayaberas include:

The Cuban guayabera: This is the most traditional style of guayabera, and it is characterized by its four pockets, its pleated front, and its short sleeves. The Y.A.Bera Collection's most popular shirts are Cuban-style guayaberas, which feature four iconic pockets. This style is a timeless representation of the guayabera.

The Yucatán guayabera: This style of guayabera is characterized by its embroidery, which is often done in bright colors. In addition to the traditional Yucateco guayaberas, our collection also includes other unique styles that originated in the Yucatán. We have proudly added the Presidencial and Norteña styles to our collection, chosen for their versatility and aesthetic appeal. These styles offer a fresh and distinct take on the guayabera, further enriching our diverse range of options.

The Puerto Rican guayabera: This style of guayabera is similar to the Cuban guayabera, but it has a longer tail and it is often made of a lighter fabric, such as linen. 

The Filipino guayabera (Barong Tagalog): This style of guayabera is characterized by its banded collar and absence of pockets. This style closely resembles the Yucateco Presidencial, but with the addition of a banded collar, commonly known as the neru collar. In Mexico, this collar is also referred to as the Filipino collar, drawing inspiration from its origins in the Philippines. We frequently opt for this style of guayabera because of its sleek and distinctive appearance.