The History of the Guayabera

by Joseph Jenovese on June 03, 2023

The guayabera is a traditional garment from the Caribbean, specifically Cuba, Puerto Rico, and the Yucatán Peninsula. Typically it was a loose-fitting shirt with four pockets, made of linen or cotton. We've given the guayabera a much needed upgrade and modernized it's features. Our meticulously designed guayabera showcases remarkable details tailored to perfection. The Snap Down Collar ensures a pristine and refined appearance that exudes sophistication. The Three Quarter Sleeve latch, available on our long sleeve shirts, allows you to effortlessly roll up your sleeves and embrace that effortlessly chic look. Experience the allure of our Cool & Original artwork, crafted by gifted talents from around the globe. The Perfect Pin-tuck Pleats lend the iconic guayabera aesthetic, while providing stretch for unparalleled comfort. Discover the convenience of the Cigar/Pen pocket thoughtfully placed at the chest, offering easy access right at your fingertips. Some of our pieces even feature Waist pockets, offering a completely new dimension in dressing.

The guayabera is thought to have originated in the 17th century, when it was worn by Spanish settlers in the Caribbean. The shirt was originally made of linen, and it was designed to be cool and comfortable in the hot Caribbean climate.

The guayabera became popular in the 19th century, and it was adopted by both men and women. The shirt was often worn with a jacket or bow tie, and it was considered to be a symbol of sophistication and elegance.

In the 20th century, the guayabera became popular in other parts of the world, such as the United States and Canada. The shirt is now worn by people of all ages and backgrounds, and it is considered to be a versatile and stylish garment.